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The practice of leadership coaching has significantly increased in recent years. More than ever, leaders across a variety of sectors are benefiting from goal oriented and focused developmental coaching. 

(re)Frame Conflict's approach to coaching is unique and two-phased. First, we coach our clients in developing and sharpening their capacity for quickly and accurately assessing and responding to conflict from a constructive perspective. We do this by utilizing data from our Critical Conflict Reflection Tool (CCRT), which all of our clients receive access to. The CCRT application provides clients with an accessible platform for recording and reflecting on conflicts shortly after or while they are occurring. The a client’s personal coach then meets with them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to aid in processing, to offer insights, and to develop strategies for incrementally increasing the client's capacity to constructively address the conflict(s) they encounter, enhancing their ability to be an effective manager and leader.

We collaborate with the client to design a preliminary plan and timeline to meet their developmental goals and objectives. For more information and to schedule an initial consult, contact us directly.

*Currently we only offer packages for individuals. We will be offering packages for organizations in the near future.

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